Jewelry is timeless. It can bring back memories, or keep you in the moment. I love jewelry that makes you feel fabulous, and defined.
— DENYC, Fellow Unicorn

The Idea

Unicorn Jewels was created to bring the world back to wearing timeless jewelry.  Too many people have wasted money buying big statement jewelry they can only wear for one season, and 'disposable' pieces that are made with poor materials and craftsmanship. Unicorn Jewels is proof that less is more.  It's minimal, modern, and fun. Because you're a Unicorn!

Style & Quality

Every piece is made of REAL precious metals. Whether it's .925 Sterling Silver, plated with Rhodium or Gold, or solid 14k Gold Pieces, we use only the good stuff.  Authentic gemstones and crystals.  Be sure to take care of your Unicorn Jewels, don't wear them to bed, or in the shower. Take care and show it some love to ensure a long beautiful jewelry friendship, fellow Unicorn.

LA Sourced and Handmade

All of our designs are sourced from Los Angeles, CA.  Some of our pieces are our own unique designs, and are 100% handmade. They are either Limited Edition, or O.O.A.K!  If you find one you like, get it - those special pieces go fast.  As we grow, our collections will move towards becoming totally unique in design.  We will always strive to produce the best quality pieces.